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Organic Certification

India Organic Certification may be a label given to organic product once validation, that ensures that the merchandise or raw materials employed in the merchandise were grownup grownup farming - with none chemicalfertilizers, pesticides, or induced hormones.

A trademark - "India Organic" are granted on the premise of compliance with the National Standards for Organic Production.Communicating the genuineness in addition because the origin of the merchandise, this trademark are owned by the govt of Bharat.
The National Standards for Organic Products was established in 2000 that ensures the believability of the organic product. PQC is providing the compliance certifications for the organic commonplace. Organic Farming needs Any farm that proposes to get the Organic Farm certification should change to the subsequent standards started out by the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP).

How We Work

Steps For organic compliance

Require documents in soft copy
Share your sample certificate
After approval of the sample certificate or payment approvals
get same-day certification



  • provide for product differentiation
  • ensure product's alive
  • protects consumer from fraud
  • boosts consumer confidence
  • assures organic integrity from seed to shelf
  • the national organic program requires certification of agricultural product making and organic label claim